Vesa Kanniainen, curriculum vitae

Professor Emeritus of Economics, Discipline of Economics, University of Helsinki
Date of birth: Rovaniemi, March 13, 1948.


Candid. of Sc,, University of Helsinki 1971.

Master of Sc., University of Helsinki 1972

Licent. of Sc., University of Helsinki 1972

Fellowship, London School of Economics and
Political Science, 1972-73

Ph.D., University of Helsinki, 1976

Dr in Military Studies (Sotatieteiden tohtori), (The National Defence University) Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu, 2018

Dr in Business Studies (Kauppatieteiden tohtori), University of Eastern Finland (Itä-Suomen yliopisto), 2019.


Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of
Economics, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA, 1977-78

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of
Economics, Washington State University, Washington, USA, 1978-79

Acting Professor of International Economics,
University of Tampere, September 1980-January 1981

Acting Professor of Economics, Department of
Economics, University of Helsinki, February 1981-1994

Professor of Economics, Department of Economics,
University of Helsinki, 1994-2017.

Visiting Fellow and Guest Lecturer, Center for
Economic Studies, University of Munich, Summer 1994. Teaching: Optimal
Stochastic Control.

Guest Lecturer, Spring, 1995, UppsalaUniversity. Teaching: Optimal Stochastic Control.

Guest Lecturer, Autumn, 1998, University of Hamburg. Teaching:
Optimal Stochastic Control, Economic Theory of Information

Tuntiopettaja, Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu/Yleisesikuntaupseerikurssit, Helsinki, 2018 - (jatkuu). Opetusalueet: kansantalous, matemaattinen peliteoria


Most recent publication: 2021 -

"Strategic and Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Politics and Warfare", National Defence University, 2023.

"The European Union Should Progress into a Strong Consensus Federation", 2023, to be submitted.

"Gallup Democracy in Exercising the Nato Membership Option: The Cases of Finland and Sweden", CESifo Economic Studies 68(3), 2022, 281-296.

"Making the Eurozone Function Again: A Solution for the European Debt Problem is Hard but Not Impossible", EconPol Forum 24(4), 2023, 34-37.

"Pricing the Pharmaceuticals when the Ability to Pay Differs", Journal of the Finnish Economic Associaation 2(1), 2021, 25-48. Co-authors: Juha Laine, Ismo Linnosmaa.


The Future of the Euro. The Options for Finland, (in Finnish), edited by Vesa Kanniainen & EuroThinkTank of Finland, a shorter English version published in CESifo Forum 2014, 15, 56-64.

Kanniainen, V., Ala-Peijari J., Koskenkylä, H., Lepomäki, E., Malinen T. ja Miettinen, S., (2014), ”Suomi tarvitsee työmarkkinatutkimuksen uudelleen suuntaamista, Kansantaloudellinen aikakauskirja 4/2014.

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"The Role of Bank Overdrafts in the Finnish Financial System", Empirical Economics, 3, l978, 31-47.


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Risk and Entrepreneurship”, Small
Business Economics
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Mikko Leppämäki.

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Transmission of Tacit Knowledge and Other Barriers to Entrepreneurship”, Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal,
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Gains: Free Riding in The Innovation of Network Goods”, Journal of Economics, 87, 2006, 55-17, co-authors: Amihai Glazer
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taloustiede: katsaus ja arviointeja”, Kansantaloudellinen

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institutions”, Economic Modelling 22,
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Insurance in the Welfare State: Results with OECD Data 1978-93”, German Economic Review, 2, August 2001, 195-218, co-author: Pekka Ilmakunnas.

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corporation as a savings instrument”, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 24 (2000), 127-142.

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Technology Policy”, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics,
156, 2000, 360-381, co-author: Rune Stenbacka.

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Real options in research, patenting, and market introduction”, International
Journal of Industrial Organization
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Uncertainty", Journal of Economics, 57, 1993, 147-168.

"Optimal Production and Inventory Policies:
The Incentive Effects of Taxation", in Optimal Decisions in Markets and Planned Economies, ed. by R.E.Quandt and D.Triska, Westview Press, l990.

Corporate Taxation

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Tax and Public Finance,
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The Articles in the Dissertation for the University of Eastern Finland, 2019

“Corporate Social Responsibility – A Synthesis”

”Corporate Social Responsibility: Can Markets
Control?”, Homo Oeconomicus, 23, 2006, 153-179, co-author: Elise

“Firm’s Ethics, Consumer Boycotts, and Signalling”, European
Journal of Political Economy
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Christian Mission in the Context of Global Inequalities,
May 30, 2016,
pages 21-39. Eds. Mari-Anna Auvinen-Pöntinen and Jonas Adelin Jørgensen, BRILL,
Leiden, Boston.

“What is Wrong with the West’s Economies? Comment to
Professor Edmund Phelps”, Homo Oeconomicus, 33(4), 2016, 333-339.

The Articles in the Dissertation for the National Defence University, 2018

“Defence Commitment in Deterrence of War”, CESifo Economic Studies, (2018), 1-22, doi: 10.1093/cesifo/ify001.

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“Collective Procurement in Building National Defence: Why Are There So Few?”, Defence and Peace Economics,
https//, co-author: Juha-Matti

“Cyber Technology and Arms Race”, German Economic Review, October 17, 2018,

Law and Economics

Näkökulmia oikeustaloustieteeseen, 1997, Helsinki: Gaudeamus (toimittajat: Vesa Kanniainen, Kalle Määttä)

"Oikeustaloustiede. Johdantoa lähestymistapoihinja käsiteisiin", kirjassa
Näkökulmia oikeustaloustieteeseen, 1997, Helsinki: Gaudeamus (toimittajat: Vesa Kanniainen, Kalle Määttä)

"Coasen teoreema: esittely ja arviointi, kirjassa Näkökulmia oikeustaloustieteeseen, 1997, Helsinki: Gaudeamus (toimittajat: Vesa Kanniainen, Kalle Määttä)

"Yritysjohdon kannustinpalkkaus ja päämies-agenttiteoria", kirjassa Näkökulmia oikeustaloustieteeseen, 1997, Helsinki: Gaudeamus (toimittajat: Vesa Kanniainen, Kalle Määttä)

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1998, Helsinki: Kauppakaari OYJ (toimittajat: Vesa Kanniainen, Kalle
Määttä). Kirjoittajat: Vesa Kanniainen, TuomasTakalo, Samuli Simojoki.

"Ryhmäkanne: oikeustaloustieteellinen näkökulma", kirjassa Näkökulmia oikeustaloustieteeseen 2,
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Kartellit teoriassa ja käytännössä, 2011, Kanniainen, V., ja Määttä, K., Edilex lakikirjasto/8166.

Pienyritysten kohtaamat hallinto- ja muut sääntelykustannukset, 2008, Kanniainen, V., ja Määttä, K., Joensuu.

Other research topics

”Peliteorian käyttö konfliktien ja sotien ja analyysissa”, Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu,
Sotatekniikan laitos, Julkaisusarja 3: Työpapereita nro 2. Helsinki 2019.

“Why to kill your own children - Medea in the light of an evolutionary approach”, The German-Greek Yearbook of Political

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Dialogia piispan kanssa”, Teologinen

Yritysten yhteiskuntavastuun taloustiede, BoD, 2015.

“Special issue on
Ethics and Economics: An Introduction”, Journal
of Economic Behavior and Organization
, 90, 2013, 134-136, co-author: Panu

“Honeybee Economics: Implications for Ecology Policy”,
HECER dp N:o 363, CESifo wp N:o 4204, 2013, co-authors: Tuula Lehtonen, Ilkka

“Efficient Pricing and Insurance Coverage
in Pharmaceutical Industry when the Ability to Pay Matters”, HECER – Helsinki
Center of Economic Research, 2013, dp N:o 372. Co-authors: Laine, Juha;
Linnosmaa, Ismo.

Foreign Trade as a Risk Insurance Device: From Cold War Bilateral Trade to
Globalized Markets”, Hecer, Discussion Paper No. 298, 2010, co-author: Jussi

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Morale”, Empirica, 2010, 37, 271-290.
Co-author: Jenni Pääkkönen.

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Property Values and Migration”, Journal
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Leaders Should Make Long-term Decisions”, International
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"Changing the Tax Base and
Risk-Taking", Oxford Economic Papers , 36, l984, 162-174, co-author:
Erkki Koskela.

Editorial work

Associate editor.

of Economic Behavior and Organization
, Guest editor

Journal of Political Economy
Guest editor, 2009-2010.


Economic Studies, Guest editor


CESifo, Research Associate 1990-

IIPF, Member, Board Member (2007-2013)

Suomalainen tiedeakatemia, jäsen 2002-

EuroThinkTank, perustaja

Kansantaloustieteen alumnit Helsingin yliopistossa ry, perustaja, hallituksen jäsen

Maanpuolustuskurssiyhdistys, jäsen

Uudenmaan Maanpuolustusyhdistys, jäsen

Suomen Geopoliittinen Seura ry, jäsen

Suomen Sotatieteellinen Seura, jäsen

Societal impact

Asiantuntijalausunnot eduskunnan valiokunnille, useita kertoja

Satoja haastatteluja: televisio, radio, sanomalehdet

Konsultointi: kilpailupolitiikka, lääkealan yritykset

Luentoja yleisötilaisuuksissa, lukuisia


American Economic Review


Economic Journal

European Journal of Political Economy

European Economic Review


Finnish Economic Papers

German Economic Review

Homo Oeconomicus

International Tax and Public Finance

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Journal of Banking & Finance

Journal of Economics

Journal of Public Economics

Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Yearbook of Standardization


“Tiedon jano-palkinto 2001, JOKO.

Opponent in public defence of dissertations

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of trade with centrally planned
economies, University of Turku, 1986.

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Central Bank Policy in the Flow-of-Funds Framework - An Application to the Case
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